Look Back at 2012 - A Year of Apps
By Mike Irving - Published: 2/1/2013

In the past twelve months, my development of mobile Apps for iOS (iPhone/ iPad) has gained serious pace.

My Top 10 Grossing Apps for the year were as follows, representing 95.56% of my total sales for 2012.

Website SEO Checks - 24.54%
Many Maps - 22.83%
Keyword Density - 14.90%
SEO URL Ping - 8.10%
CMS Detect - 7.58%
GB Grid Ref Compass - 6.18%
GB Grid Ref Worker - 5.47%
Website SEO Checks Lite - 4.10%
Shot Time - 0.99%
Yard of Ale - 0.87%

Others 4.44%

I tried many new things development wise in 2012.

My "GB Grid Ref Compass" app spawned a series of ten related apps. These took two forms, the standard "Compass" series and the professional "Worker" series. Initially developed as a one-off app, these spin-off apps came about following feedback from users.

Website SEO Checks Lite represented my first venture into "Free" apps with "In-App Purchasing". The results from the app have been positive. Only launching at the end of September, the "Lite" app appears to have complimented the paid version, rather than competing with it. iAd, Apple's Advertisement Platform, has also provided a little extra revenue from the app.

Expect more "Free" / "Lite" apps, amongst new software from me in 2013.

Perhaps the most impressive application in the above list has been Many Maps. Despite only launching in early November, its sales represented 22.83% of those for the year in total! Initially developed to provide an alternative to iOS6 Maps, I was not even sure if the app would be approved by Apple. I am glad that it was, and several updates have already been issued in the short lifetime of the software.

In the past few months, I have also begun the task of updating my apps for the 4 Inch Screen of the iPhone 5. Expect more to follow.

# - 2012 Data is approximate, aggregated data, and currency converted. Date Range: 1st Jan 2012 - 31st December 2012. Data from App Annie.

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