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7/11/2023 -
A look back at the past 12 months, where I've spoken on a variety of topics at Meetups, Tech Events and Conferences across the UK.
Recent developments in hedgehog detection technology, including .NET Motion Detection, Image Recognition and use of Toshiba FlashAir cards.
The latest functional changes to my hedgehog monitoring system, to run on Linux, and add further Serverless Automation in .NET / C#.
Using .NET Technologies to curate and automate video footage of garden hedgehogs, for viewing on a website.
After an unexpected break, driven by the Coronavirus Pandemic, I have returned to Speaking In Person at Events.
A guide to upgrading the Microsoft Surface Duo device to Android 12L, and a look at some new features it brings, including Accessibility benefits.
A review of Microsoft Ignite 'Spotlight on UK' in Manchester, a 2 day event for the UK Developer & Technical Communities.
Enabling the Microsoft Surface Duo for app development, deploying .NET MAUI and Uno Platform apps to the device.
Setting up, pairing, and using the Surface Slim Pen with the Microsoft Surface Duo dual-screen device.
A look at getting used to the dual-screen experience on the Microsoft Surface Duo. Including multitasking, and switching applications between the screens.

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