Returning to In-Person Speaking
By Mike Irving - Published: 25/11/2022

Earlier this week, only the second Dot Net North event since we went back to meeting "In Person", I returned to the podium to deliver a talk for the first time since early March 2020.

I was speaking on the topic of Windows Development, with an additional overview of Uno Platform and Avalonia UI, alongside 3 of my fellow Dot Net North co-organisers Pete Vickers, Rick Garner and Aden Earnshaw, as part of a Microsoft Ignite After Party / .NET Conf Recap event.

Mike Irving - presenting at On The Beach

Of course, I've not been dormant since March 2020. We've been delivering Dot Net North Online, and we streamed a similar .NET Conf Local Event in December 2020, at which I also delivered a presentation.

Whilst online has, and will continue to be, good, it felt wonderful to be back in front of an audience, face to face.

My talk, indeed all 4 talks, were well received, and I received positive feedback from attendees after the session.

Mike Irving - presenting at On The Beach

Many thanks to Alison at On The Beach for hosting us in their wonderful Manchester auditorium.

On The Beach auditorium

.. and for providing pizza! 🍕

On The Beach - Pizza

For anyone interested, my presentation, and links, are available on GitHub.


I have a new talk planned for the new year, and hope to get out presenting it at more user groups.

More details to follow.

It's good to be back.

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