Virtual Developer Events
By Mike Irving - Published: 29/4/2020

In early March we hosted our last in-person 'Dot Net North' event, an evening of Lightning Talks. Whilst we could see what was coming with Coronavirus, the scale of change was not apparent until a few weeks later.

As it turns out, I ended up delivering the final 'physical' presentation, 'An Introduction to Uno Platform'. Hopefully one day somebody else will present, as we resume face-to-face meetings.

The whole world has changed as a result of COVID-19. Like everything else, developer meetups / user groups have had to adapt.

Over the last six weeks or so, many groups have already hosted online talks and presentations, using tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Last night was our turn to try out this new reality, with our very first Online Dot Net North event.

We were very fortunate to have secured a speaking slot from Martin Beeby, Principal Developer Advocate at AWS. Not only is Martin a world-class speaker, but he proved invaluable in helping us setup this event, from a technical perspective.

The talk Building a real-time serverless app in Blazor using AWS went out on Twitch, and peaked at an audience of 75, about the same as our best attended in-person meetups.

More events will follow. We envisage trying out a variety of platforms, and will endeavour to upload recordings of the events we host on our newly created Dot Net North YouTube Channel.

Im looking forward to embracing the future, and whatever that may bring.

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