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Enabling the Microsoft Surface Duo for app development, deploying .NET MAUI and Uno Platform apps to the device.
Setting up, pairing, and using the Surface Slim Pen with the Microsoft Surface Duo dual-screen device.
A look at getting used to the dual-screen experience on the Microsoft Surface Duo. Including multitasking, and switching applications between the screens.
Having set the hardware up, let's continue to the software setup of the Microsoft Surface Duo foldable device, including Google and Microsoft account sign-ins.
A walkthrough the initial unboxing and hardware setup of the Microsoft Surface Duo dual-screen mobile device, as part of the Surface Duo VIP Kit.
31/12/2020 -
What a rollercoaster year. Lows, but highs too. A reflection of what occurred in both my work life, and for developer community events.
This week Apple introduced new Mac computers, based on Apple silicon. With this architecture change comes the opportunity to make your apps available to macOS users. It is easy to opt your apps in or out.
I have recently taken the decision to retire a bunch of mobile applications, many of which I have been working on for nearly 10 years. Read more about my decision.
If you have received an email entitled 'Action Needed: Apple Push Services Certificate Expires in 30 Days', there is no need to panic. Follow this guide to keep your iOS App Push Notifications working.
I recently ported some Node.js AWS Lambda Functions to C# / .NET Core 3.1, for use by my existing Alexa Skills.

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