Microsoft Surface Duo, using alongside the Surface Slim Pen
By Mike Irving - Published: 28/4/2022

One thing that makes the Duo a Surface, and sets it apart from other dual-screen mobile devices, is the ability to use a Surface Pen, or indeed any other 3rd party stylus, to add advanced Touch Screen capabilities.

Included in the Microsoft Surface Duo VIP Kit is a 'Surface Slim Pen'.

Don't be too fooled by the 'slim' branding. This is a full-blown Surface Pen, the likes of which you would buy for a Surface Pro, Surface Laptop or other PC-class device.

Here is a size comparison, next to the Surface Duo itself.

Surface Slim Pen next to Surface Duo

Not small, if you have ever used a Samsung S Pen with a Samsung Galaxy Note device, but solid and well built.


Let's Get started.

Surface Slim Pen - Get started.


So what comes in the box?

In the Surface Pen package, you will find the stylus itself, a charging tray, a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, and some instructions.

Surface Slim Pen - package contents

'Charge for 1 second', and you are ready, it claims! Let's do that.


Pairing your Pen to your Duo

Before you can use your Surface Pen, you'll need to pair it for use with your Surface Duo.

Surface Slim Pen - ready to pair

Firstly, make sure Bluetooth is turned on on your Surface Duo.

To do this, open Settings -> Connected devices.

Microsoft Surface Duo - Settings - Connected Devices

Then Bluetooth, and then switch to On.

Microsoft Surface Duo - turn Bluetooth on

Then tap 'Pair new device'.

Bring the Pen within reach of your Duo, and you should see the device listed as 'Surface Slim Pen'.

Pair new device - Surface Slim Pen

Tap the listing, and confirm on screen that you wish to pair the device (Tap 'PAIR').

Pair with Surface Slim Pen?

Once completed, the device should be listed under 'Connected devices', alongside any other Bluetooth devices you have.

The currently battery charge level of the Pen will also be shown.

Microsoft Surface Duo - Connected devices

I completed the same process with a 3rd-Party Stylus, for comparison, and the process was the same.


Set your writing hand

Optionally, you can set your 'writing hand' preference, left or right, to improve the accuracy / intuitivity of the Pen.

You'll find this setting in the paired Surface Pen in your paired Bluetooth devices, in the Android Settings app.

Surface Pen - Writing hand


Using the Surface Slim Pen

If you have ever used one of these with a Windows Surface Device, then you'll know what to expect.

You can tap, you can draw and write, you can ink, you can right click with the button on the side of the Pen. Long hold down to drag and drop, hold button down and draw-select for multi-select.


Great for Microsoft OneNote!

Microsoft Surface Duo - OneNote - thank you for reading my blog

Thank you for reading my blog.


Next steps: Initial Developer Setup.

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