Making iOS Apps available on macOS
By Mike Irving - Published: 12/11/2020

A new generation of Mac computers, based on Apple silicon, were unveiled this week, starting with new MacBook Pro and Mac Mini models

With these new Macs comes the opportunity for your iPhone and iPad apps to achieve new usage amongst Mac users.

Of course, you'll have to consider how that works for the user. Mac users will likely be using a Keyboard and Mouse, so apps with lots of buttons may be ok, but those that rely on multi finger gestures and swiping may not work well. Now is your opportunity to further modify your apps to support different users, hardware, and screen types.

There are also hardware limitations to consider.

The majority of my mobile apps rely on GPS and Magnetometer (Compass) hardware, and they are designed to be used outdoors, so they simply will not work, or won't work to their full potential.

With this in mind, I have today made several apps unavailable to Macintosh users.

You can modify the availability of your apps individually, or in bulk, and it is very quick to do so.

Sign in to App Store Connect to begin.

Edit in bulk

Upon visiting the Apps page in App Store Connect, you may notice this banner.

Click 'Edit Availability'.

If you do not see the banner, likely it will disappear at some point, instead click the '...' icon, as shown below, and select 'iOS Apps on Mac Availability'.

Either way takes you to the same popup selection screen. Choose which apps you want to make available, and hit 'Done'. Easy!

Edit individually

The other approach, and the one you'll likely use for new apps or app updates going forward, is to go into an individual app listing screen, in the 'App Store' tab, and select the 'Pricing and Availability' section.

Here you'll find an 'iPhone and iPad Apps on Apple Silicon Macs' area, with some explanatory text, and a very simple checkbox to 'Make this app available', or not.

This could have been a right faff, especially if you have lots of Apps. Fortunately, Apple have made this super simple.

Of course, the main headache is likely to be deciding which apps to make available, which to modify, and which to make unavailable to Mac owners.

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