New Mapping App for iPhone, updates
By Mike Irving - Published: 15/5/2012

It has been a little while since my last new app release, but my latest creation, a GPS / Navigation aid for Walkers with an iPhone, is now available in the iTunes AppStore.

GB Grid Ref Compass is an app combining a useful compass, with GB National Grid location information.

Making use of the iPhone's in-built GPS and Compass, the app is simple but useful.

I was aware of similar "grid reference" apps, but none I had tried were particularly well presented, and none had a compass, an obvious omission in my eyes.

GB Grid Ref Compass

From a programming perspective, it was good to work with location information for the first time.

I had written some classes in C++ some time ago, to generate the "grid ref" data. It was a challenge to get the C++ into my Xcode Project, and make it accesible from Objective-C.

More information can be located on the portfolio page for GB Grid Ref Compass,
in my Mobile Apps Portfolio.

Download the app now: GB Grid Ref Compass on iTunes.

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