New iOS App 'CMS Detect', plus updates
By Mike Irving - Published: 3/12/2011

This week I have launched a new iPhone and iPad app, and released updates for two of my other apps.

'CMS Detect' is a Content Management System Detector, designed to be useful for those of us that work in the SEO industry.

Pass the app any website address, URL, and it will attempt to tell you which CMS is running, while also telling you the Server Type and Operating System, the Google PageRank of the website, and whether Google Analytics is running.

Find out more about CMS Detect on the dedicated page in my
Mobile Apps Portfolio - CMS Detect - iOS App


Two of my other apps, also SEO and CMS geared, have also received updates this week.

Website SEO Checks has recieved the Google PageRank lookup facility, and will lookup PageRank for both the Root URL and the Page URL under query.
Website SEO Checks - iOS App

Kentico Go has been updated to show the Version number of the Kentico CMS Installation, and the Connection Script in use by the app.
Kentico Go - iOS App


(apps no longer available)

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