Kentico Go management App for iOS
By Mike Irving - Published: 22/10/2011

Kentico Go is an app for the iPhone and iPad that allows the control of Kentico CMS websites.

My second Universal iOS App, Kentico Go allows the administrators of Kentico websites to quickly login to their CMS systems to perform emergency resets, empty out cached pages, and to free up memory.

As a Kentico system can support more than one website, individual sites can be stopped or started using the app.

In addition, site administrators can view the last 20 entries in the System Event Log, for clues as to the cause of any problems they have been experiencing.

The app interacts with Kentico installations that have a special App Script installed, more info can be found on the Kentico Go page in my App Portfolio.

I used Xcode and Objective-C to create the app.

My day to day work at Silkmoth involves using Kentico, the CMS for ASP.Net, so I can see the app becoming rather useful for Developers and System Administrators at companies such as Silkmoth.

(app no longer available)

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