GPS, Compass Apps (Grid Ref series, Grid Ref Compass series, Grid Ref Worker series).

Grid Ref UK and Ireland app iconGrid Ref UTM app iconGrid Ref GK app iconGrid Ref CH1903 app icon
GB Grid Ref Compass app iconIrish Grid Ref Compass app iconSwiss Grid Ref Compass app iconGerman Grid Ref Compass app iconUTM Grid Ref Compass app icon
GB Grid Ref Worker app iconIrish Grid Ref Worker app iconSwiss Grid Ref Worker app iconGerman Grid Ref Worker app iconUTM Grid Ref Worker app icon

These apps require access to your device Location Information in order to function correctly. This location information allows these apps to calculate your grid references.

These apps also use your device compass.

Optionally, you can choose to share this information via Text, Email or Tweet, using the inbuilt Text/Email/Tweet funtionality, at your discretion. This data is never transmitted anywhere else.

The "Worker" series also allow you to embed a picture (a new photo from your camera, or an existing picture from your photo library). You must grant access to the app to use this functionality. Photos are never transmitted beyond the app, except via Text/Email/Tweet, at your choosing.

Grid Ref UK and Ireland, Grid Ref UTM, Grid Ref GK, Grid Ref CH1903 use Location Information only, no compass, and do not have share options.

Grid Ref UK and Ireland, Grid Ref UTM, Grid Ref GK, Grid Ref CH1903 also display advertisements from Google AdMob (iOS, Android and Windows Phone), Microsoft PubCenter (Windows Phone) and AdDuplex (Windows Phone).

Parenting / Kids Apps (Photo Tap, Photo Tap Lite).

Photo Tap app iconPhoto Tap Lite app icon

These apps do not use an internet connection, nor do they require one. *

No personally identifiable data is ever passed on beyond the app code. *

Should you use the Camera or Photo Library within these apps, your photos and information will go no further than for use in the app experience.

* With the exception of Photo Tap Lite, which shows advertisements from Google AdMob, and therefore uses an internet connection, if available. An Optional In-App Purchase will upgrade the app and remove the ad network capability.

Utility Apps (Shot Time, Shot Time Lite, Game Turn Timer).

Shot Time app iconShot Time Lite app iconGame Turn Timer app icon

These apps do not themselves access any user information, and do not use your internet connection in order to function.

However, Shot Time Lite and Game Turn Timer will display Interstitial Adverts from Google AdMob when you "stop" the timer. It is possible to remove the apps, via an In-App Purchase.

SEO Apps (Website SEO Checks, Keyword Density, CMS Detect, SEO URL Ping, Lite versions).

Website SEO Checks app iconKeyword Density app iconCMS Detect app iconSEO URL Ping app iconWebsite SEO Checks Lite app iconKeyword Density Lite app icon

Website SEO Checks (+ Lite), Keyword Density (+ Lite) and CMS Detect transmit the URL of the site you wish to investigate to a Server based in Dublin, Ireland, which then runs the investigative checks using it's internet connection, returning the findings. No user identifiable data is sent from the app.

SEO URL Ping transmits the URL of the site you wish to broadcast to a Server based in the Dublin, Ireland, which then ping that site to web services around the world using it's internet connection, returning the results. No user identifiable data is sent from the app.

Apps may serve advertisements via networks including Google AdMob, Microsoft PubCenter and AdDuplex.

Web Browsing Apps (WebKit Browser).

WebKit Browser app icon

As the name suggests, WebKit Browser is a web browser, for Windows Phone.

Whilst no data is transmitted to the app developer, any website you visit via the app will be able to determine your IP Address, Location, Device Type, and may make use of Cookies, Session Storage, Local Storage etc.