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Swiss Grid Ref Compass specifies the user's current location on the Swiss coordinate system (Swiss Grid / CH1903).

The central point of the system is at the University of Bern, at '600,000 m E / 200,000 m E'. The '0 m E / 0 m N' location can be found near to Bordeaux, France. A map overview / key to the coordinate system is provided.

Whilst the app will give readings across the world, the intention is for the software to be used in Switzerland, with Swiss Maps.

In addition to the map reference, Latitude and Longitude are also shown (WGS84), along with a handy compass.

The current location information can be shared via Twitter, Text Messaging or Email. (Twitter functionality restricted to iOS5 and above).

Set the app to keep the LCD screen on, for prolonged use.

No internet connection is required to use the application.

The app is only compatible with iPhone and Android Smartphone models that have GPS capabilities. Additionally, the Compass will only function if the Device has a Hardware Magnetometer (Compass).

This app is no longer available to download.

Still Available - Grid Ref CH1903 - for general use.