Fisherman's Friend Factory Tour
By Mike Irving - Published: 15/10/2015

Last week I was lucky enough to be in Fleetwood, Lancashire, for a special 'once in a lifetime' tour of the Fisherman's Friend lozenge factory, as guest of Lofthouse of Fleetwood Ltd.

I came to be on the trip after winning a competition on the Fisherman's Friend Facebook Page, to find 'The Ultimate Fan'.

Since I was at high school, I have been a consumer of Fisherman's Friend Lozenges, and the factory visit proved to be really interesting.

I was shown a presentation documenting the history of the company and the brand. It came as a surprise how big the brand is, and that the UK only accounts for a small percentage of world sales, 96% of sales are from exported product!

In the factory, I looked round production of both Sugar based lozenges, and Sugar-Free tablets, and got to understand how the processes differ between the two types. We also visited the test lab, to understand how quality control takes place.

I also got to meet the Lofthouse Family, representatives of marketing firm Impex Management Company, and got to meet some other local fans.

A thoroughly enjoyable and interesting way to spend a Thursday afternoon in October.

Why have I written this blog? Well, there is more to my life than just Software Development, and I was keen to share my unique Fisherman's Friend day out with anyone interested.


Update - October 19th 2015. Here is the Official Article on the Fisherman's Friend website.

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