Google PageRank Update
By Mike Irving - Published: 30/10/2007

Google have exported their PageRank values for toolbar users over this weekend.

Whilst true PageRank is calculated on-the-fly, the public value has always been a good indicator of the power of a site, and this update has been long overdue.

The PageRank value, which I will refer to as PR from now on, is given by calculating the power of links to a web page.

Whilst some sites will have gone up in PR, such as new websites, some have also dropped. Don't be too disappointed if your site has dropped PR, as I mentioned true PR is live, and you will notice little impact on current search rankings.

One reason for explaining any drops is that the gap between the fictional PR0 (new sites) and PR10 (the most backlinked site) has widened. So you may not have dropped in your true rank, just on the ever expanding scale of PR0-PR10.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding Google PageRank.

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