Mr Methane website
By Mike Irving - Published: 5/9/2007

The Mr Methane website has blasted itself into the future this week.

After 10 years online, a new, easy to navigate, web design has been implemented.

Find out more about the history of the site in the portfolio section.

This new design not only provides a better user-experience, but sits within a CMS system, allowing Mr Methane control of the entire site content for the first time.

The site features fart video clips, a guestbook, a history of farting, a fart related news section, and "the fart shop", from which you can buy Mr Methane's CDs and DVD.

Many audio and video clips are available on the site.

Warning: The site contains clips of actual Controlled Anal Voicing. If easily offended, do not click the following link.

Mr Methane - The King of Farts!

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