Update your 32-bit Apps for iOS 11
By Mike Irving - Published: 31/8/2017

Whether you're a developer or not, if you have an iOS device running iOS 10.3.X, you may have noticed certain apps load with a popup warning "App {AppName}" Needs to be Updated. Followed by the detail "This app will not work with iOS 11. The developer of this app will need to update it for compatibility."

Update your Apps.. Now

It is likely this is happening in apps that are quite old, and that haven't been updated for many years, since 64-bit App Compilation became available, and the facility to target both architectures.

When iOS 11 drops, in just a few weeks from now, only 64-bit capable Apps will execute.. 32-bit Apps will be left behind.

It is time for your developer to update these apps, if you still want users to be able to install and use them, and you don't want a deluge of complaints by way of negative App Store reviews.

Likely these apps will look dated, with a dated UI, and do not support the "new" (iPhone 6, 6 Plus) screen sizes, or any other recent features.. so why not update and take your applications to the net level.

I am currently in te process of getting my last few old apps across this line, and I can help do the same for your apps.

Do get in touch if you want to talk about updating your iPhone or iPad mobile apps.

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