Domains & Web Hosting
By Mike Irving - Published: 30/4/2007

I was asked recently to host a set of websites for a friend.

The sites in question were just plain HTML and CSS with a PHP Script here and there for contact forms etc.

I am able to host sites such as these quickly and easily as I am a Web Hosting Reseller. Put simply, I prepay annually for hosting of websites in bulk, and simply pay extra for additional functionality, such as ASP Scripting and Databasing as and when required, as well as for registering and renewing Domain Names

By having this account I can often offer very attractive hosting rates to the owners of the sites I manage (compared to signing up themselves), coupled with a personal service for that winning formula.

Having a Reseller account also enables me to manage all of the sites that I look after centrally.

My sites are hosted upon world class server infastructures, from Fasthosts - The UK's most popular web hosting company.

If you would like to talk about domain names, web hosting, or websites in general, please do Contact Me, and I will be happy to answer any questions or queries you have.

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