2013 App Sales - Scores on the Doors
By Mike Irving - Published: 2/7/2013

Some of you may remember reading my blog post from New Year, summing up my App Revenue Performance in 2012. Indeed the blog posting proved popular and gained some good reaction from Social Media.

Link: A Look Back at 2012 - A Highly Successful Year in the App Store

Well, here are the scores for the first half of 2013, again based on aggregated data from App Annie. Date Range 1st January 2013 - 30th June 2013.

Many Maps - 20.54%
Many Maps Lite (New in 2013) - 20.01%
Photo Tap (New in 2013) - 12.27%
GB Grid Ref Worker - 7.94%
Website SEO Checks - 6.38%
Website SEO Checks Lite - 6.27%
Keyword Density - 5.49%
CMS Detect - 3.96%
SEO URL Ping - 3.58%
Keyword Density Lite (New in 2013) - 2.76%

Others - 10.8 %

It is nice to see some New Apps making a big impact on the figures, including some of my Lite "Freemium" Apps, featuring In-App Purchases.

Some of my older apps appear to be becoming classics too, namely the SEO Apps.

My predictions for the rest of the year are that the impact of Many Maps and Many Maps Lite will be further diminished, and that (hopefully) some yet-to-launch applications will feature in the full-year figures!

2013, so far, hasn't seen as many new Mike Irving Apps as 2012 did. Much of the year has been spent improving the current offerings, and Upgrading Apps for the iPhone 5.

However, I have an ever-growing list of new app projects - expect to see new launches before the year end!

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