Porting an App from iPhone to iPad
By Mike Irving - Published: 19/3/2011

This week Yard of Ale HD has become available in the iTunes App Store. The game is an iPad specific version of the iPhone game of the same name, that I launched a few weeks back.

The iPad game, again written in C++ and DragonFireSDK, is essentially based on the same codebase as it's iPhone counterpart.

Conversion to iPad was straightforward,
and was largely achieved in just a few general steps, as follows:

  • The graphics used in the game are those created for the iPhone 4 Retina Display

  • Graphics needed to be repositioned to take advantage of the 1024 x 768 pixel screen size (the iPhone 4 Retina display measures 960 * 640 pixels)

  • Fresh background graphics needed creating. I chose to change the app colours for this release.

  • Version specific graphics needed changing, mainly pre rendered text images

After a minimal amount of testing, the app was ready for the App Store.

The app became available for sale, appropriately, on St. Patricks Day, 17th March 2011.

Download the App at iTunes: (app no longer available)

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