CMS packages, and Website SEO
By Mike Irving - Published: 15/6/2009

Using a Content Management System (CMS) can help make your website much easier to manage and update, especially for those not adept in web design and development.

CMS offerings, in general, make the management of pages, images and content very easy, and allow even novices to keep their websites up to date with the minimum of effort.

However, it is often said, or suggested, that Website CMS offerings can be a hinderance or a burden to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

In general, I would dismiss such talk. There are a great number of SEO-Friendly CMS packages available today, some of which will allow site editors to edit everything they need to in normal, and ethical, On-Page SEO practice - such as the Page Titles, Meta Tags, Headings and Image Alt Tags.

If you are choosing a Content Management System, you should consider one that ticks all the boxes in terms of SEO. One that not only gives you full control of your website, but does so in an easy and friendly manner.

If you have got a content-managed website, and one that is fully configurable, you should make the effort to regularly update and optimise your site. Remember to add fresh content regularly, and make sure that all of your website pages have unique, and relevant, page titles, meta tags, content and headings.

Recently, I have been using Kentico CMS.

In Kentico, both Web Design and Development are powerful, and highly extendable, and SEO is a doddle. Perhaps most importantly, the Kentico CMS system provides a great user experience for the site owner.

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