New Website for Andy Till
By Mike Irving - Published: 19/10/2008

This week I have delivered a completely redesigned website for Andy Till.

Andy is a Personal Friend, Professional Bass Player, and star of the new 2008 Hovis Adverts!

The old site had been online for 3 years, but it was decided that a fresh look would benefit the site.

In many ways, the site is based upon this site. It is fully managed by Andy, using the inbuilt CMS system.

It features a blog, several pages, a Contact Form with a Captcha Anti-Spam facility, Photos and Downloads, a Google Sitemap and Social Bookmarking facilities provided by AddThis.

The Photos and News sections also make use of the Lightbox script, mentioned in my last blog.

The site runs in ASP, on a Windows 2003 Server hosted at Fasthosts
- Click for more info on Web Hosting.

The site has also been optimised for Search Engines using a variety of on-page and off-page Natural Search Engine Optimisation techniques.
- Click for more info on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

We are both very happy with the site, I hope you like it too.

Andy Till - Professional Session Musician

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