Netscape Navigator retired
By Mike Irving - Published: 1/2/2008

The web browser software Netscape has officially been retired today, with support extended until the 1st of March 2008 to allow one final update.

Netscape Navigator was once the most used web browser, and the browser of choice for so many.

It reigned un-challenged for many years until Microsoft decided to start bundling it's Internet Explorer package with Windows.

In recent times, AOL bought Netscape, but development of Firefox became the focus of Mozilla, and the "Netscape" name became a minority in browser usage.

Netscape will be well remembered, and it lives on in today's Firefox and Mozilla broswer technologies.

In terms of developing accesible website designs, it is no longer neccesary to ensure compatability with Netscape, but web design professionals should always ensure compatability with both Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox, and where possible Apple's Safari browser too.

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