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Modern web design can encompass so many methods and techniques, that it is easy to get confused as to what is a good idea, and what isn't.

If truth be told, there is no strict right or wrong in web design and development, just as their isn't in SEO, however, there are many guidelines that it is best to follow where possible.

Try and build designs that are both standards compliant, compatible both cross browser and cross platform.

More users now use the internet on Smartphones than on PCs, so having a site that is Mobile-Friendly, or ideally Fully-Responsive, is extremely important.

Modern web applications run a lot of code on the front-end, in the browser, using frameworks such as Angular or React, and allow the user to pass seemlessly from page-to-page, in what is known as a 'single page web application'.

Making the right choices at the start of your design work, will pay dividends later on!

After considering all of the above, it's also important to know your target audience, and therefore to make your websites as user friendly as possible.

User Experince (UX) should be part of your design process, to ensure your sites are accessible to all.

If you have a question, or to discuss web design further, please get in touch.