Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is a process whereby actions can be taken that can directly affect your website's rankings within Web Search providers.

With the internet becoming increasingly competitive, ethical Search Engine Optimisation is a way of improving your presence on the major search engines. These days, namely Google and Bing.

Voice Assistants such as Alexa and Siri will often look to the web for results too, so having a prominent presence is important.

Natural SEO entails two distinct, yet complimentary, techniques. These are often referred to as "On Page" and "Off Page" optimisations.

On Page Optimisation:
On page optimisation, as the name would suggest, involves modifying the "on page" offering of your web pages to improve your page's relevancy to particular search phrases or keywords.

This can take on a variety of forms, from making sure your pages have relevant Title, Heading and Meta Tags to improving your website's Navigation Menus and tidying up the page HTML.

Off Page Optimisation:
Once we have optimised our "on page" offering, we then need to improve our actual ranking within the search engines.

This is often attributed to the number of 'back links' from other (third party) websites, especially those with high relevance and high esteem.

In essence, each page that "links" directly to your page provides a vote in favour of your site. The more relevant links, the higher your page will rank for given search phrases amongst competing sites.

Combined with "on page" SEO, an ethical link building strategy is a must if you are to stay competitive in tomorrow's internet world.

Installation of a website statistics package, or on-page visitor tracking code such as Google Analytics, is an excellent way of monitoring the effectiveness of Search Engine Optimisation.

Good Content

The most important factor in SEO and Digital Marketing is great quality content. If the content is good, Search Engines will like it, and real people will want to read / view / watch it!

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