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I have been working in software development, professionally, since early this millennium.

A large part of my work has been on the Microsoft Stack: C# / .NET, SQL Server etc.

I have also worked extensively in Mobile Apps (Swift, Objective-C, Java, Cordova, Xamarin).

Platform agnostic, I have dabbled in most technologies, and can easily find my feet in PHP, Node.js, or whatever you have.

I often take on freelance work involving changing or improving existing systems and mobile apps. I have experience in connecting legacy code and databases to modern systems.

I am also able to plan and advise, at a high-level.

If you have old systems or code, bugs that need fixing, or ideas you'd like to plan out, please do get in touch with me to discuss things further.

If I cannot help you, I can quickly establish that, and may be able to point you to a company or individual who can.